MIDI Project - Final

1 Final Demo

I am so excited to announce that my my music box is finished! Let's hear what it can sing.

2 Behind the scenes

This week, I am continuing the fabrication that I haven't finished last week. Once the hole punch arrived, I manually punched 84 holes which took me almost 2 hours. It looks great, if you don't get too close to it.

The hole punch makes the top panel look awesome.

Then I slightly changed the mid panel. By drilling a vertical hole, it is much easier for me to take it out.

Music box breakdown

For the code, I added the potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity as I said last week. Also, I slightly increased the sensitivity of several channels to make all react similarly under the same strength of light. Lastly, to make the melody more harmonious, I didn't turn off notes every 50ms. Instead, I kept the notes playing if it was lit up for a long time.

Source code please see HERE.

3 Next Steps

I would love to improve it once I got back to the shop. A nicer and more stable enclosure of course. But also, I'd like to improve the functionality from the following aspects.

  • As mentioned before, making a set of music boxes to create patterns.
  • Using RGB color sensors as an alternative light sensor to enable the half note.
  • Adding an extra sensor/another way to enable more octaves.
  • ...