WiFi Intro

I didn't have much time to actually create a new node.js server and use Arduino to make GET request for two reasons: 1) I knew how to make it happen from my mid-term project; 2) I've been too busy lately to take some time to create a new one.

I looked into WiFi examples that Tom wrote and learnt a lot. The NetworkClientLogger example makes an Arduino a hardware logger that stores all the log files, which is super interesting. Once the arduino is connected with WiFi network, it is empowered to do tons of things.

I also tried to display my WiFi signal at home using LCD 1602A. I used this LCD display before and was sure that it must be a simple task that can be done in 20min. The problem was on the Arduino Nano 33. It lost communication with the computer after its first try. I encountered this problem a lot and still cannot figure out why. I stored 3 boards of Nano and always replace one once its port cannot be found. Recently, the other two were used in my music box project and food timer, so this one is the only board that I can use. Sometimes I can fix this by double-click the reset button but most of the time, I had to let it rest long enough before it reconnects with the computer.

The port of Nano cannot be found always.